How Superstar Companies Like Apple Are Killing America’s High-Tech Future

In this December 11 Huffington Post Blog piece, author and cultural theorist Lynn Parramore interviews theAIRnet president William Lazonick and talks about where high-quality, low-cost technology products actually come from:

Few would argue that America’s fortunes rise and fall on its ability to put ideas to work and then bring them to market. William Lazonick, professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Matt Hopkins, research associate at the Academic-Industry Research Network, have investigated what has gone wrong in America’s approach to innovation. Lazonick shares findings from two recent papers that are part of the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s project on the Political Economy of Distribution. He explains why successful companies like Apple need to make fundamental changes to the way they allocate resources and stop throwing away America’s most valuable asset for future innovation — you.

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