The Real Book About the “White Working Class”

In a Racket News interview with Matt Taibbi, Les Leopold, Executive Director of the Labor Institute and an associate of the Academic-Industry Research Network, discusses his latest book, Wall Street’s War on Workers.

Experts: Negotiating Big Pharma’s Prices Won’t Stifle Innovation—They Don’t Use the Money to Innovate!

Lynn Parramore explains how physician-scientist Fred Ledley and economist William Lazonick debunked the arguments of “industry lobbyists vehemently oppose Medicare drug price negotiations”. Click HERE to read the article at

What the UAW and Everyone Else Need to Know About CEO Pay

What is GM CEO Mary Barra’s take-home pay? AIRnet researchers Matt Hopkins and William Lazonick explains it’s more than you are being told! “In striking General Motors (GM), Ford, and Stellantis, the United Auto Workers (UAW) has put the spotlight…

Investing in Innovation

Confronting Predatory Value Extraction in the U.S. Corporation by William Lazonick Business corporations interact with household units and government agencies to make investments in productive capabilities required to generate innovative goods and services. When they work harmoniously, these three types…

International workshop series on the German system of co-determination organized by WZB, theAIRnet, and IGZA

Together with the Berlin Social Science Center (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung-WZB), the Academic-Industry Research Network (theAIRnet), and the Institute for the History and Future of Work (Institut für die Geschichte und Zukunft der Arbeit-IGZA) organized the German-American workshop series “The…