John Zysman

Professor Zysman has written extensively on industrial policy and corporate strategy in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. His 1987 publication, Manufacturing Matters: The Myth of Post-Industrial Economy (with Stephen Cohen), was identified by Business Week as one of the year’s top ten books. Since his book Manufacturing Matters, Zysman has significantly redefined his understanding of how different sectors interact in the global division of labor, and how technology dynamics and political economy link. Recent work includes: “How Revolutionary was the Digital Revolution” (2006), “How Wealthy Nations Can Stay Wealthy: Innovation and Adaptability in a Digital Era” (2007), and “The Service Transformation and Network Policy: The New Logic Value Creation” (2009). He currently co-directs the Pathways Project at U.C. Berkeley.

Professor Zysman has served as an advisor and board member for government, academic, and corporations in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Professor Zysman received his B.A. at Harvard and his Ph.D. at MIT.