Martyn Roetter

Dr. Martyn Roetter is a management consultant and advisor to high technology business executives, regulators, and investors on matters involving products, markets, competitors, sales channels, and technology. His work frequently involves the application of global perspectives in dealing with the complexities of challenges whose outcomes depend upon the interactions between business and market dynamics, technologies, finance, and public policy. He has extensive business experience in Europe, the Americas, Asia and elsewhere. Over the course of his career he has initiated or contributed to the foundation and growth of several new services businesses. He has over 30 years of consulting experience as a Vice President with Arthur D. Little Inc., PA Consulting and others as well as his own firm – MFRConsulting. He is also associated as a Senior Adviser with the South Africa-based BMI-TechKnowledge and with the Canadian Pacomm Consulting Group in Whitby, Ontario.
He has frequently dealt with the interactions between business, technology, and finance, as well as regulation, politics, and public policy. He has carried out strategy assessment and implementation work as well as project due diligence for network operators, service providers, components and equipment vendors, and their investors. His clients and their target geographies have ranged extensively across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and Africa. Most recently he has been concentrating on the economics, markets, and business plans of wireless communications operators, including techno-economic comparisons of new broadband wireless technologies such as WiMAX, HSPA, EV-DO, and LTE, as well as, in the broader arena of ICT, next generation Web services and the implications of all-IP networks for fixed/mobile competition and convergence and related regulatory issues. He has tackled a number of projects involving competitive and other business dynamics that very much reflect the changing shape of globalization, i.e. the “globalization of globalization”, in which the traditional economic powerhouses of North America, Western Europe, and Japan have been joined by major actors such as China, India, and Brazil as well as financial investors from the Middle East.
He served as a non-executive member on the Board of Directors of Allen Telecom (leading global supplier of wireless subsystems) from 1998 until its acquisition by Andrew Corp. in 2003. He was educated in England, Germany, and the U.S., and holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Oxford. A U.S. citizen, he speaks English, French and German.